Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot Seed Oil

Also known as Daucus Carota Sativa Seed Oil


Balancing, soothing, anti-aging, protects hair from environmental stressors

What is it?

Carrot seed oil, also known as Queen Anne's lace oil, comes from the dried seeds of wild carrot plants (Daucus carota) in the Apiaceae family. With its orange color and earthy, woody aroma, the oil is often used as a carrier in massage blends and with other essential oils. The wild carrot plant originated in Egypt, France, and India, with a history tracing back to ancient Greece. Carrot seed oil has been regarded as an excellent skin-brightening ingredient in Ayurveda. Carrot oil is revered due to its high vitamin and antioxidant content. Applying Carrot paste or juice helps rejuvenate skin and fastens wound healing. Carrot seed oil can also be used to massage the scalp and hair so as to control hair fall and promote hair growth.

Traditionally use in

Hair Oils, Face Masks