Should I Exfoliate My Psoriasis? 5 Skin Survival Tips For Psoriasis Warriors.

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Psoriasis. It's itchy, scaly and downright painful. With over 125 million sufferers worldwide, it's a common auto-immune problem which sadly, has no official cure. But it is totally possible to manage the condition with a good skincare routine, diet and exercise which all contribute to a stronger immune system. Here are 5 tips that can help you deal with the P-word: 

1) Exfoliate: Yup, regular exfoliation. By choosing a natural exfoliant which buffs away the top layer of dead skin and contains plant-based oils to help soothe and nourish deeper underneath, you allow regular skin-regeneration which can in turn reduce Psoriasis flare-ups. Like our Original Black Tea Body Scrub which has been hailed a skin hero by our customers for removing dead skin cells whilst also moisturising skin thanks to all the natural oils. 

2) Go Natural: Choosing the right ingredients for your skin is just as important as the food you eat. Avoid sulphates, silicones and any skincare ingredient that may have a chemical base that can aggravate your skin. 

3) Be Gentle: Treat your skin like you would a cashmere sweater. Be sensitive and super gentle. When exfoliating, choose an exfoliator that can dissolve as you rub. Our Coconut Scrub uses desiccated coconut as a natural exfoliant whilst the salts and sugar dissolves the more you exfoliate. Avoid products with micro-beads which don't dissolve and can cause further damage to the skins surface for Psoriasis sufferers as well as being bad for the environment. 

4) Give yourself a pep talk: Cheerful thoughts boost immunity. Pair happy thoughts with mentally seeing your skin as you want it to be, a practice based on creative visualisation. How do you speak to yourself regarding your skin? Writing a list of positive affirmations and repeating these daily can have a massive affect on your mental health. 

5) Relax: Stress can trigger a negative response in your brain which in turn releases stress hormones that can cause low immunity and in turn lead to a Psoriasis flare-up. Find ways to relax, a long soak in the bath, a hot shower, long walks with your family and friends; recognise the things that help you feel calmer because a happy you means happy skin. 

How do you manage your Psoriasis? Drop a tip below and support others in their journey too. 

Main image credit: Molly Mace using our Original Black Tea Body Scrub. Follow her Psoriasis journey @mollymmace

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  • Kay'lani B

    Thank you so much for this helpful article. I have moderate to severe psoriasis and I am currently experiencing a flare up. Over the years I have found it best, as you noted in the article to choose products with all natural ingredients. This is always helpful in soothing the burning and itching sensation. Also I still struggle with consistently saying nice things to myself about my skins appearance especially during a flare. But as the saying goes practice makes perfect. I am encouraged once again after reading this article and I encourage anyone with psoriasis to also be encouraged. Through experience I can say for sure there can be years with out any flare ups and we become better equipped to deal with and manage new flare ups. You are beautiful in every moment of everyday!!

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