5 Totally Important Skincare Lessons We Can Learn From Clueless

Alicia Silverstone recently appeared on LipSync battle and reignited our love for one of the most incredible female characters to grace our screen in the 90’s: Cher Horowitz. With her infamous hair flip, she navigated our teenage lives by making us question whether we were ‘ensemble-y challenged’ and if we also needed Cindy Crawford’s Buns of Steel workout.
From fashion (you never kneel in an Alia) to boys (boy time is always plus 3 days) it made us think, what can we learn about skincare from the older sister we all wanted? Here are some tips which will definitely not leave your skin totally buggin.

1) Don't be a Monet.

 Paramount Pictures / Clueless / Via buzzfeed.inc

We love makeup but using it as a tool to cover up underlying skincare issues can only make things worse and up close your skin will never be camera friendly. Go to the root of the problem and treat your skin ailments like you would any other illness. Suffering from breakouts? Look at your diet or stress levels. Dry skin? Hydrate yourself! Simple changes will make a world of difference to getting a natural glow.

2) Be Picky.

 Paramount Pictures / Clueless / Via beautyhaven.com/au

Be selective with your skincare products and routine. Avoid buying into the latest Instagram fads simply because you’ve seen it on your homepage. What works for someone else may not work for you. Read reviews and do your homework before you invest in a new product.

3) Avoid synthetic, fake ingredients.

Paramount Pictures / Clueless / Via Alle/Revelist.com

Cher taught us early about imposter perfumes. The same goes for skincare. Use as many natural, non-toxic products as you can. Make sure you know exactly what has gone in to every product you use on your skin. See an ingredient that you don’t understand? Look it up! Most natural skincare brands are super transparent with their ingredients so you can avoid anything toxic or synthetic that may cause a bad reaction.

4) The importance of lighting and your skin.

 Paramount Pictures / Clueless / Via catchquotes.com

Lights can reveal a lot about your skin. In fact, Liz Hurley recently said she prefers to shape her eyebrows on the plane because the lighting shows each hair clearly. ‘Bad’ lighting is in fact great to really reveal what your skin may be suffering from, e.g. uneven skin tone, acne scars or even dry skin patches. So, make stumbling into bad lighting a thing of the past by using it as a way to identify your skin problems and help you to look after your skin.

5) Show your skin some real love.

 Paramount Pictures / Clueless /Via tumblr.com

9-5 jobs, weekend commitments, family. Life is busy. Believe us, we know. But with so many super quick, no nonsense (and fun!) products out there, your daily skincare routine doesn’t need to feel like a tedious task. Love the idea of a 9 step K-beauty routine? Great, but don’t feel pressurised to follow it! A simple 3 step one can also help show your skin some love. Do what works for you and remember, like Cher, you deserve to send yourself flowers and candy from time to time too.

What do you think? Was Cher your ultimate girl crush growing up? Or was she really just…clueless? Let us know by commenting below or sharing your thoughts on our Instagram @Delhicious_body

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