Kim Kardashian Uses This Natural Exfoliating Ingredient in the Shower (clue: it's in our scrub too).



Kim Kardashian-West. Love her or hate her, there is no denying the power she has had in transforming the beauty landscape as we know it. From her insane contouring which changed the way most make up artists work to date, to her highly coveted KKK Beauty palettes and now her latest venture into shape wear which will undeniably be a huge hit. So when we found out that she uses the exact same ingredient that we use in our Black Tea Body Scrubs for exfoliating, we had to do a little happy dance because let's face it, the woman knows beauty.  

Speaking to Cosmo, the reality queen star said she "adds a spoonful of sugar to her body wash when showering for a gentle exfoliating experience". If it's good enough for the Kardashian clan, then you know it LITERALLY has to work. Sugar is known to contain glycolic acid so not only does it's physical properties help to gently buff away dead skin, but it also helps to clean, moisturise and protect skin from toxins. Pretty sweet, right? 

Shop our caffeine based scrubs here for a Kim-K sugar glow so dazzling you definitely won't be the least interesting to look at (sorry Kourtney). 



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