Kokum Butter

Kokum Butter

Also known as Garcinia Indica Seed Butter


Heals and repairs dry damaged skin, hydrates, soften skin, deeply moisturising

What is it?

Kokum Butter is extracted from the seeds of the Garcinia indica tree, which is native to India. This luxurious butter is one of the hardest vegetable butters, though not as hard as cocoa butter. Solid at room temperature, Kokum Butter melts quickly upon skin contact. The Garcinia indica tree bears fruit only in April and May. Traditionally, the fruit was harvested by shaking the branches with sticks and picked by hand. The fruit would then be beaten with sticks to separate the seeds, which are gathered and dried before extraction. Despite its name, Kokum Butter is an oil pressed directly from the seeds. Also called Padadari in Ayurveda, it helps reduce skin dryness and cracking by balancing Vata and promoting healing. Kokum Butter is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, allowing it to deeply moisturize and repair skin. Its nourishing properties have made it a key ingredient in many skincare products seeking to hydrate, soften fine lines, and improve texture.

Traditionally use in

Face & Body Moisturiser