Our story

 Ayurveda. A totally underrated, super old, (but still incredibly powerful) solution to skincare problems. 

But nobody saw it that way. 

So we decided to create highly effective skincare by using one of the oldest natural healing systems in the world and making it easy, relevant and do-able as part of your regular skincare routine. 

No turmeric latte in hand, wind chimes or yoga moves needed.

Designed by husband and wife team Zak and Zara, it was when the couple were expecting their first baby that Zara experienced intensely dry, painful and problematic skin during her pregnancy. She used her Indian heritage to research and create an all-natural solution and so, the Black Tea Body Scrub was born.

 Our range of caffeine-based Black Tea Body Scrubs are designed to buff dry skin, fade marks, reduce acne and leave you softer, smoother and glowing from head to toe.

We also donate 10% of profits from every sale to help stop trafficking of young girls in India.