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"They promised me a better life and I believed them. I was sold into a 
world of prostitution and drugs. I was only 17."- Lakshmi
We’re on a mission to help stop human trafficking.
But what does human trafficking have to do with black tea?
In India, approximately 10 million people are dependent on the tea industry for their livelihood. But research shows that due to the poor working conditions and low wages on the tea plantations, people who live and work on the plantations are targeted by human traffickers, often being trafficked into forced labour, domestic labour and the sex industry.
We donate 10% of all profits to Stop the Traffik, a charity committed to ending human trafficking.
Every time you buy our Delhicious Black Tea Scrub, you help: 
  • Improve the working conditions for those living and working on tea plantations.
  • Develop new tools and resources to identify how and where trafficking is happening.
  • Provide training to educate individuals to spot the signs and respond to human trafficking and modern slavery in their communities.
  • Raise awareness of the issues of human trafficking and modern slavery and empower people to build resilience within communities.
Visit: to understand how this incredible charity is making a difference.