#ACupOfTea With Buzzfeed Social Media Queen Sohan Judge

Who hasn't sat late at night on their phone scrolling through hilarious memes created by the infamous and super cool Buzzfeed, one of the world's best digital media outlets. Ever wondered who might be responsible for those midnight chuckles and screenshots that circulate on your mates Whatsapp groups? Meet Sohan Judge, videographer and Buzzfeed's social media editor. Is she as cool as her name, insanely awesome hairstyle or workplace we hear you ask? The answer is no. She is way cooler. Find out how she nabbed her dream job and her tips for camera-ready skin. 

1) Describe your style in 3 words. 

Colourful, retro, classic.

2) You work for one of the coolest companies. Tell us a bit about your role at Buzzfeed and how you got the job?

So my role at BuzzFeed Australia is social media editor, which means I manage and strategise for our social accounts. I studied journalism at university and had a few years experience working at 2DayFM (radio station) in digital, so when I saw the job ad for BuzzFeed I jumped on it. I was so stoked to get the job and love working with my team.

3) What’s a regular day at work like for you? 

My day-to-day changes all the time – as well as posting to our social media pages, one day I could be working on a video, next day I could be making memes, or writing a post. The variety is so good because it keeps things interesting!

4) You’re also a videographer! What tips can you give to getting camera ready skin?

My only tip would be drink lots of water in the lead up. Luckily though, I usually have my good friend and makeup artist, Polina, on set with me to handle that side of things. Her tip is to make sure the skin is clean and moisturised, with a light coverage foundation and a fuller concealer in any areas needed, set with a translucent HD powder.

5) We know what’s on your camera roll. But what’s in your bathroom? Any go to skincare products or routine?

Witch hazel toner has been the only thing that helped me clear my skin up and even out my skin tone. I use it once or twice a day.

6) We love a good selfie. How can someone get the best shot just using their phone?

Find the good lighting!

7) Finally, how do you take your tea? 

I prefer black earl grey tea with no milk or sugar.

Follow Sohan on her Instagram/Twitter @sohanjudge to keep up to date with her awesome style and video work.

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