Our Story

Husband and wife team Zak and Zara! The founders of Delhicious Body.

A Little Bit About Us...

Zara’s South Asian roots exposed her to all kinds of natural beauty tricks throughout life, like turmeric for acne and coconut oil for a dry scalp. And when she experienced problematic skin during her pregnancy, she turned to these natural solutions. 

After some research and experimenting with Ayurvedic principles and recipes, they found relief for dry dull skin in the form of a unique black tea based exfoliator. The couple decided to introduce the scrub to the world and it became the first Delhicious product, very quickly being featured as the highlight product in Glossybox’s Delicious Beauty edit. 

Since then, they have gone on to create many more award-winning viral products; racked up thousands of 5 star reviews with life-changing skin transformations whilst also being featured on Harpers Bazaar, BBC’s Dragon’s Den as well Cosmopolitan. 

And they’re only just getting started…